Earth Rammers / Vibratory Plate

General Details

Our vibrating Plate Earth ram may be a powerful instrumentation for fast and ideal soil compaction. it’s universally applicable for all compaction works up to five hundred mm” compaction depth. Compacting Capacity: 6-8 Tone Prime Mover: fiveHP Air Cooled diesel (or) 5 H.P. Electrical Motor. Vibrator Earth ram These square measure self propelled, lightweight in weight and compact machines having high forces, low amplitude and high frequency, supported the principle of reciprocal pressure generation by frequency unifacial impulse vibrator that causes the ramming and forward movement. Earth ram will compact thicker layers of non-cohesive and semi-cohesive soils and most proctor density square measure achieved in less numbers of passes application non-cohesive soil ,  sub – grades in addition as earth, gravel, broken rocks, chips, dry concrete, hydrocarbon coarse base, support fillings, embankments, foundations, bridge abutments, railway tracks consolidations, patches ramps, plant floors, ramps, runways, platform, road shoulders, bridge foundations, cable birth, column structures, underneath floors, canal, banks, trench beds etc



Compaction capacity  5-6 Tones
Compaction plate size 660 x 480 x 400 mm
Travel speed (ft.min) 60 ft.
Gradient capacity 20%
Direction of travel Forward

Depth effect (Depends
on type of soil )

16 inch

Net weight (approx.)

155 kg.

Vibration frequency


Power units 5 H.P  Diesel Engine (or)
5.H.P Electric Motor
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