Heavy Duty Type Concrete Mixer Machine


  1. General Details

    Heavy Duty Type Concrete Mixer Machine Manufactured at SRI MURUGA HOLLOW BLOCK:

    The product is factory-made and passed when tight assessment tests. it’s the power to require variable amount of the part needed to form quality concrete materials. The machines typically have a durable structure and ar designed for straightforward loading and unloading of the parts. There ar several cement mixer Machine Suppliers in Asian country. They make sure that the business is absolutely equipped with machines that ar able to contend with the fashionable necessities.


  2. Specifications:
    Batch Capacity : 10/7 CFT 300/200Litres
    Power : 6HP Air-Cooled Diesel Engine (or) 5HP Electric Motor
    Chassis :  Heavy duty, Robust Steel Chassis
    Mixing Drum :
    ¤ Speed : 20-23 RPM
    ¤ Material : Cast Iron
    ¤ Cone : Mild Steel
    ¤ Mixing Time : 180seconds Approxrox
    Wheels : Retred Tyre with used disc, hub and bearing
    (Or) Cast Iron Wheels
    Dimensions :
    ¤ Length : 2600mm
    ¤ Width : 1370mm
    ¤ Height : 1830mm
    Weight : 1150Kgs (Approx
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