Paver Tile Making Machine

  1. General Details

    Tile making machines are revolutionizing the arena of architectural and construction industry. The paver or Inter locking tiles are in vogue owing to the drastic change that is occurring in the modern lifestyle and architecture. These tiles are used as pavers that will not only highlight the area but will also be user friendly and one can remove and change whenever necessary.

    In the present Scenario Tile Making Machines Manufacturers see that the Interlocking / paver tiles making machines produces these high quality paving tiles with extra smoothness and required strength. They result in low cost interlocking / paving tiles with greater strength at high production rate. Using moulds of required shape and size, large number of different types of tiles or paver blocks can be produced.

    In the market there are high density hydraulic operated paving block making machine, Hydraulic mosaic press and paving block machine
    and Stationary type concrete block making machine. One can choose as per their requirement. Also there are Paver Tiles Making Machine Suppliers who see that the requirements are as per the industrial standards.

    The interlock tiles making machine are highly cost effective and easy to operate. These machines can make standard as well as paves as per customized requirement.


  2. Specification:


    • Power 2.H.P. x 2
    • 3 PHASE
    • 2880 RPM
    • Table Size: 3000 x 850 mm
    • Tile Size: 600 x 600 Max.
    • Total Weight: 510 KG x 2 (Approx.)
    • Height of the Paver: 100 mm Max
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